Digital Cash and Monetary Freedom”, my early work on anonymous electronic currency, was published by the London School of Economics in AMA-gi, The Journal of the London School of Economics Hayek Society, Issue 1 (1996). Originally, the paper was presented as part of the Internet Society’s INET’95 Proceedings in Honolulu, Hawai’i, June 27–30th, 1995. It was also subsequently released by the Libertarian Alliance in their Economic Notes series and by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

American entrepreneur and author Seth Godin covered my research in his 1995 book, Presenting Digital Cash. My thesis was further legitimatized by the mainstream when Professor Roger A. Arnold, currently at California State University San Marcos, referenced the work in his Economics, Edition 4 (1998) textbook for students.

An additional link to the PDF version can be found here and on SlideShare.

My 1985 thesis from George Washington University Economics Department examines the factors contributing to and culminating in the political appropriation of the monetary unit by outlining the stages of the politicizing or nationalizing process.

Jon Matonis

Chief Economist at Cypherpunk Holdings, a privacy-centric investment company | Former CEO of Hushmail | Startup Team at VeriSign | Head of FX Trading at VISA

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